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How anabolic steroids affect the body? Are they Legal?


What are anabolic steroids? it is a concept that is used a lot in the area of nutrition or sportsmen and they help increase physical endurance in performance

anabolic steroids legal?

We have always heard of anabolic steroids, it is a concept that is used a lot in the area of nutrition or sportsmen. However we mostly do not know, what it is about and how it works in our body and the effects it can produce. Some people who practice a certain type of sport such as bodybuilding usually consume this kind of products, the main function of them is to grow the muscle mass of the person and develop greater body mass.

Although anabolic steroids can be used in the sports area, also in health are often used as medication or to improve the condition of those people who are weak or loss of muscle mass. These products also increase the person’s weight and grow their muscles, however they can also have irreversible side effects on health.

What are anabolic steroids?

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Common artificial anabolics are known as steroids are substances that are manufactured in laboratories and are used by athletes as they help increase physical endurance in performance. Steroids are male hormones and testosterones, and are available in pills, capsules and creams, the latter being applied cutaneously.

They were used to treat health problems such as infertility, with the passage of time and seeing the effects they produced began to be used in sport, however there is currently a law regulating these products that can not be consumed as it gives them a Great advantage to athletes over their rivals.

Regarding the history of this product, it was developed in the 1930s as a medical option for patients who had problems with hypogonadism. Later it was observed that they favored another kind of development like the skeletal muscle and that could be used for other areas like for example of the sport.

In people who are dieting, it can be consumed, especially men, who want to gain weight but in a healthy way by removing fat from adipose tissue. Thanks to the great muscular development is that these anabolic steroids can be used to lose the fat accumulated in the body and to form more muscle and thus to increase the functioning of the metabolism, making this burn more fat. If you’re looking for some supplements to gain muscle mass, we’ve got an article for that too!

Anabolic steroids work just like androgenic hormones and help further muscle development and bone strength. These products, like are available in capsules, pills, and can also be injected into the body, or skin creams can be applied. One of the most harmful effects of these products is its addictive effect on people and in some countries is considered an illegal drug.