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Beta Males, Explained: Defining Alpha and Beta

Defining Alpha and Beta Explained

Since I’ve been discussing gender role issues, several readers have asked about the definition of “alpha” and “beta” males. So today we will try to define alpha and beta males by their main characteristics: ¬†Alpha Male: An alpha, in the simplest of terms, is sexually-arousing to females. Some specific characteristics that almost always encompass alpha behavior...

Why We Teach Boys Not To Cry?

Why do we teach boys not to cry

I recently got into an argument with a male friend about the topic of boys and crying. He was arguing the moniker “boys don’t cry” needs to be abandoned, and his argument was based on the belief that women desperately want men that aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side emotions. Naturally, I disagreed. And here I share my thoughts on men’s emotions and why we...

Threesome: How To Ask Your Girlfriend For One?

how to ask for a threesome

I received a question on my post about convincing your partner to be more sexually adventurous that deserved a whole new post. In other words: a threesome. The reader has a male friend interested in having an MMF (two males, one female) threesome with his wife. He asked; she wasn’t interested. Both had limited sexual partners before marriage. This one took a while because I had to do a ton...

Why Do Beta Males Think All Alphas are Assholes?

Alpha vs Beta males

Since it really hits at the heart of the distinction between alpha and beta male mindsets, I decided that it warranted a more in-depth analysis. I’ve written quite a bit on beta males, but haven’t addressed this specific question. It’s exceedingly common to hear betas asking the question “Why do women like assholes?“ The problem, of course, is that the vast majority...

The Martyr Complex: The Poison That Kills Relationships

martyr complex

In the post from a few days ago, I discussed an idea that will acquire and maintain your significant other’s attention. In short, it was a very basic seduction technique. Yesterday I was writing about the difference between “good” and “bad” ways people influence their significant others. Today’s topic explores another element of relationship dynamics- taking...

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