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Do You Have Self Defeating Styles Of Anger? Learn How To Control Them


  This will go over an additional two dysfunctional anger styles so you can learn to control your anger. Didn’t you know life is all right or wrong? You’re a victor or victim or don’t belong. There is no question that life’s bleak or white Forget ambiguity when hooked on Freud-lite. What happened to subtlety and shades of gray? The world’s drinking and shrinking...

Rethinking Modern Man And Masculinity

Modern Men and Toxic Masculinity

Over the last year or so, I’ve been exploring sex and gender. The premise of my investigation was simple How to be a Modern Man without losing Masculinity? Then I have found myself constantly asking myself: What Makes A Man Modern Masculinity? Our modern understanding of long-term relationships is sort of fucked up and we need to rethink how and why we do the things we do if we want our...

Why We Teach Boys Not To Cry?

Why do we teach boys not to cry

I recently got into an argument with a male friend about the topic of boys and crying. He was arguing the moniker “boys don’t cry” needs to be abandoned, and his argument was based on the belief that women desperately want men that aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side emotions. Naturally, I disagreed. And here I share my thoughts on men’s emotions and why we...

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