Watusi Jump: A Tool To Achieve Fitness

Watusi jumping dance

The Watusi Jump is a millennial tool that can be used during your training and benefit not only your health but your mind. During certain rituals, the Watusi tribe of Africa gathers together and jumps up and down, holding their spears and shields while at the same time yelling some chant in a balanced rhythm. They leap high off the ground and make particular sounds, energizing themselves to go...

Effective Hand Exercise for Hammers Scheme

weightlifter muscle gain training for beginners

Table of Contents NotesAnatomyMuscle and Joint WorkSports   Have you heard of the benefits of hand exercise for hammers? Pick up the dumbbells and stand up straight. In the starting position, hands with dumbbells on the sides of the torso, grip neutral (palms toward you). Breathe in and hold your breath. Bend the arm in the elbow with the biceps force, and lift the dumbbell up as high as...

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