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Understanding and Managing Secondary Infertility


Do you already have a child and are trying desperately to have another? Have you been told by friends, family members, or even medical professionals, “If you already have one child, you know you are capable of having another,” yet you have not had success? Does your life feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with hope and disappointment each month? Then perhaps you are experiencing...

Erectile Dysfunction Psychological Causes and Solutions

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments for Couples

Similarly, stress and mental health concerns can trigger or intensify impotence. In some cases, a mix of physical and mental issues causes Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. For example, a small physical condition that slows your sexual reaction might cause stress and anxiety about maintaining an erection.  Levels of sex drive can differ throughout life. It is likewise regular that your interest does...

Premature Ejaculation: 8 Ways to Overcome It.


8 ways to overcome premature ejaculation Enjoying pleasant and fulfilling sexuality is very important physically and mentally. It is vital for one’s self-esteem and personal balance and for a happy couple relationship. The problem of premature ejaculation can cause frustration for both components of a relationship. Therefore it is necessary to know how to address this situation healthily and...

Assessing Sexual Compatibility to Avoid a Dead Bedroom

Sexual Compatibility

The stories hit a little close to home because I see a lot of my first marriage in the heartfelt accounts people share. I can totally relate to the crushed self-esteem of feeling like the person you love most in the world seems to be repulsed by your touch. Being repeatedly rejected is absolutely devastating to self-worth, and I can feel the pain in every story. “Dead bedrooms” refers...

Exercises for The Penis: Stimulate it and Increase Its Size


Among all the enlargement methods, the most recommended is to do the classic exercises for the penis. It is possible to get effective results without putting your health at risk by practicing these exercises. Concern about penis size is widespread among men. Although it is not a subject they often talk about it, it is quite present in their thoughts. However, too large a penis is not good either...

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