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What Is Erectile Dysfunction and How Can It Be Cured?


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of man to maintain an erection. It can occur for multiple reasons such as: stress, decreased testosterone production, old age or drug abuse, among others.

Just as there are different reasons, there are also different treatments to attack the problem and reverse it. In some cases you will need medical treatments and in others it will be enough to modify a little diet and lifestyle.

How common is erectile dysfunction?

If you think that erectile dysfunction is something that is only happened to you, you should know that 50% of men suffer or have suffered at some stage in their life from this disorder. It not only affects older men, it can affect men of any age.

Erectile dysfunction is closely related to other diseases like: diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Best Natural Treatments and Techniques for Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Below are techniques and treatments that can be very effective in curing erectile dysfunction. Before testing, it is best to consult with a doctor and discard possible collateral diseases that may be causing this problem.

Increased testosterone production

Testosterone occurs mainly in the testicles. This is pumped throughout the body and is responsible for assigning certain characteristics to the male sex.

These include sexual appetite and sperm production.

If testosterone production is stimulated naturally, then erectile dysfunction is reduced. There are different ways to stimulate the production of this hormone naturally. These are the most effective:

1- Natural nutritional supplements: These natural supplements are used by people who want to increase their muscle mass. One of the safest and most effective is Instarect supplement.

2- Losing weight: Being overweight hampers the production of testosterone, so it is recommended to increase physical activity to stimulate blood flow and production of this hormone.

3- Greater sexual activity: yes, the more sex and more stimulation in the testicular area, the greater the testosterone production. If you cannot have ejaculations long enough to have intercourse, try masturbating at least once a day.

4- Increase the zinc consumption: consumption of zinc has been shown to have excellent benefits for increased testosterone production. Consume foods loaded with this mineral or if you want, you can choose to take zinc capsules.



Masculinity is directly related to sexuality and sexual appetite. These aspects are very important for man in general. If your sexual capacity is reduced, your self-esteem can be affected and different problems can be generated.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is important that you seek help and solutions for this problem so you can have a good sexual and quality life. To shut it up because of shame will only emanate the situation. Ignoring that something that is happening in your body and is not making you live fully will not make it better. It will only cause you more problems.