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Everything About Minoxidil and Erectile Dysfunction

an erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects a large number of men worldwide. This problem can be due to a great number of causes ranging from physical to psychological, but it is necessary that people do not be embarrassed by this and seek medical help because they may even be indicative of a more serious illness. Due to this problem they have generated a lot of supplements in order to cure these problems and one of the things that has caused interest is minoxidil and erectile dysfunction.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator that was originally used orally to treat patients with severe and resistant cases of high blood pressure. It has been effective in subjects with the most severe and drug-resistant forms of hypertension, for example, in some renal patients. In regard to the originally, it was marketed in tablets and used exclusively in hypertensive patients. Being a vasodilator, it has an excellent response in this type of pathologies.

In relation to erection problems when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction is necessary before treating it know the cause that originates this. It can go from the physical to the psychological, also certain operations or the use of certain drugs can cause it; correct diagnosis is critical to selecting the right treatment. One of the treatments most used today are supplements such as the Testoultra.

an erectile dysfunction treatment

The true about minoxidil and erectile dysfunction

It is necessary to know that when speaking of minoxidil and erectile dysfunction, different studies have been performed. The studies began when it was possible to determine minoxidil was used for treatment of Hypertension, but over time by observation in patients suffering from high blood pressure was determined that this drug helped increase hair so it is also an act for baldness.

But because it was possible to counteract the baldness. The answer lies in the fact that action of these drugs is to slow down the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a derivative of testosterone. Well, returning to the subject of baldness, Minoxidil inhibits the production of DHT causing the long all problems related to low hormonal levels in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Due to the above mention is made of minoxidil and erectile dysfunction, the drug to treat male alopecia, could produce “significant adverse effects on the sexual health of some individuals.”

Although at the time of saying use this product it is necessary to consult with your doctor of confidence because as there are opinions that maintain minoxidil can affect your sexual activity, there are also who maintain that there is no convincing evidence and that only in 2% of the users have generated problems.

In case you suffer from erectile dysfunction one of the supplements that are very used to treat problems of supplements that are very used and effective is called Rx24.

Conclusion about minoxidil and erectile dysfunction

There is a great variety of drug used to treat different conditions such as hypertension and alopecia. But there are those who hold an opinion as minoxidil and erectile dysfunction because they manifest that affects testosterone. And there are who maintain that It has no side effects, so when using this product it is necessary to consult with your doctor before using it.