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How Many Exercises You Should Do to Look Good?

body build and fitness

Most people do not know how to get in shape without wasting time. We know most of you reading this may want to know better about anabolics that help to build your muscles but exercise is very important if you want to look better and bigger.

Not long ago, we noted that prolonged cardiovascular exercise is not the best solution to get in shape. The good news is that boosting metabolism, burning fat and increasing lean muscle requires less time than you imagine. The bad thing is that the exercise program that will lead you to achieve that dream body could tear you apart.

What is the minimum amount of exercise that I should do to have my body build?

Short answer: Ninety minutes a week. But you have to give it everything every minute.

Brief workouts are very demanding with metabolism. This means that you burn a lot of energy and you accelerate the heart rate, while developing strength and muscle mass. These workouts should cover both extremes: working with weights to develop muscle tissue and exercise to raise heart rate and consume a lot of energy, so that body fat levels are kept low.

For them, short periods of rest and the realization of exercises are almost exclusively composed, that is, involving various joints and muscle groups. There are two types of training you can do:

            Option One: 3-Day Training

bodybuildingIf you are in a very bad time, this is the best option: three sessions of gym a week in which you work the whole body, each lasting 25-35 minutes. The program consists of performing three groups of series, which are pairs of exercises in which two muscle groups are worked without rest between them. In this way, the high heart rate is maintained and, therefore, fat burning is continued. Here is an example. (For all of the workouts in this article, we recommend starting with a warm-up period of three to five minutes, such as running).

4 super series of frontal and dominated squats, 8-10 repetitions per exercise, 45 seconds rest after each super series. If the pull ups you find very complicated, you can try to start the exercise in elevated position and to go down everything as slowly as you can. If it still costs you, you can substitute this exercise for the one of high pulley milestone to the chest.

2 minutes rest.

3 super series of step-ups and triceps extension with dumbbell after neck with one hand, 10-12 repetitions per side, 40-60 seconds rest after each super series.

2 minutes rest

3 supersets of push-ups (if it is too much, you can do them by kneeling or against a wall) and squats with jumps, 25 repetitions each, 45-60 seconds rest after each super series.

You’ll feel like you’ve run a 100-meter sprint while kicking your chest with iron-tipped boots. The session should not be longer than 35 minutes. It is important to keep in mind the structure, so that you can combine the exercises as best suits you: begin with two compound exercises in which large muscle groups work and, when you feel tired, move to less demanding unilateral exercises and finish with exercises In which you raise your own weight. This reduces the risk of injury.

           Option Two: 6-Day Training

body build and fitnessAlthough the previous program is effective, it that consists of six weekly workouts of between 10 and 15 minutes each is the favorite of several trainers

High-frequency exercise is optimal for body composition and increased strength and quality of movement. This way you fatigue more often and although at the end of the week you have dedicated the same time to training, I always see better results when there is more frequency of workouts.

Regarding the weight to use, it is better to start with something light and increase it in each subsequent session.

  • Day 1: alternate 10 deadweight reps with hex bar and 10 push-ups for ten minutes.
  • Day 2: 10 minutes of rowing machine trying to reach maximum distance.
  • Day 3: Put 50 percent of your body weight on a bar and make as many squats as you can for 8 minutes. (In this exercise the technique is very important. If you see that you are not able to execute it well, lower the weight).
  • Day 4: alternate 50 burpees and 50 calories on an Assault Air Bike for 10 minutes.
  • Day 5: You do 10 pull ups and 1 fund, then 9 pull ups and 2 funds, and continue like this until you reach zero dominated.
  • Day 6: Row up to burn 50 calories, and then burn another 50 by bike, another 50 on the elliptical and run 500 meters. Repeat the cycle for 12 minutes.

It is not a path of roses, of course, but if you are tired of hearing that the only way to get a strong and healthy body is to spend an hour in the gym, this is the alternative you were looking for, as it combines the advantages of Traditional weight-training and cardio workouts. Why not make more with less?