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Do You Want to be Better in Bed? The Exercises You Should Practice

kegel men exercises

kegel men exercisesThe diet of the cornet has its share of truth: sex is one more exercise that slims, tones, and tires you. You have to have a good background, sporty talking, to endure the arduous sessions of bed. If we are not in shape, the jerks in the muscles, seizures and flatus will be our daily bread (or night).

For this reason, we send you a clear message: forget about the “beach body”, and begin the cultivating the bed operation. Get in shape to get the best of yourself under the sheets and make your sex life warmer. In addition, exercise results can seriously boost your confidence in bed, plus the endorphins that are released after a sweat session can set you up for further intimate training.

We present a series of training sessions to have a more satisfying sex life.

The Bridge

This movement opens the flexibility of the hip and strengthens the buttocks and hamstrings, which are important for most positions.

For do this, it is essential to always have a perfect alignment of the spine, from the head and neck to the hip. Lying on your back with your arms and hands resting and stretched at your sides, support your feet in the ball so that it is just under your twins. Keeping the body straight, as on a diagonal, forcefully compress the buttocks and abdomen and hold the posture for 10 seconds. Loosen and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Internal Thigh Lift

The internal thigh muscles, often neglected, are the hip adductors and support them near the knees and the general nucleus. The internal strength of the thighs is ideal to envelop the couple and you know what I mean.

For do this correctly, stand with a towel under your feet next to each other, with a towel under the right side and the weight evenly distributed between both. Slowly slide your right foot toward your left leg and count four. Then slowly slide your right foot back towards your left leg.

Mind you, most people usually lean to a side while doing this movement. It is imperative that the weight stays the same on both feet for maximum benefit. Neither should you bend your knees.


It is the group of muscles that we use most in sex. Lie down with your arms fully stretched out over your head and your legs open and bent. Slowly raise your upper body by moving your arms between your legs until you touch your toes. Slowly returns to the beginning position.


Arm pushups are a fairly complete form of exercise, with no need for special equipment, and can be done anywhere. They work the entire upper body: pectorals, deltoids and triceps and help tone the abdominals, as well as improve overall fitness, endurance and strength, essential for sex sessions.