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ExtenZe – Learn Why Extenze Has Sold Over 1 Billion Pills! [Review 2020]


extenze reviewsWhat happens when you can’t get or keep an erection long or hard enough to have penetrative sex? One of the most feared outcomes for a man: not being able to please his partner properly, can be an issue for more than 40 % of men over 40 years old.

But, fortunately, there are ways to improve sexual performance, without having to resort to dangerous procedures.

This is where male enhancement supplements come into the picture because are now available without being prescribed by a physician and risks free. Among the many supplements available you will find the top selling Extenze male enhancement capsules, which promise to help with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance.

What is ExtenZe?

Extenze is a male enhancement formula made with herbal blends that is provided by Biotab Nutraceuticals. It might help increase penis size up to 27 % and also helps treating erectile dysfunction.

How Does ExtenZe Work?

extenze pills reviewBy increasing the flow of blood to the penis it increases its size with longer and harder erections. Also has been successful in enhancing libido and improving sexual drive and endurance.

The continued use of Extenze creates a larger amount of blood flowing to the penile area, which in turn increases the size of the penis.

Does Extenze really work? Well, they have sold 1 billion Extenze pills so far, so that has to amount to a good product, doesn’t it?

ExtenZe Ingredients

Formulated with herbal ingredients, all with a proven record of being of help while treating erectile dysfunction, Extenze results are well known for their effectiveness.

Among other ingredients, we may count the following:

Folate (Folic acid): helps making red and white cells and it may improve sperm count in men.

Korean Ginseng: is known for increasing erection rigidity and thickness, boosting libido, improving erection function and overall sexual satisfaction.

Licorice Root: helps to manage fluid retention, may improve your mood and helps regulate hormone levels, but it comes with a warning: it increases blood pressure, so it is not indicated if you suffer from High Blood Pressure.

Ho Shou Wu: is a traditional and popular herbal remedy in Chinese Medicine that supports blood production, and has anti-aging properties. It is believed to help male function. Its primary active constituent, known as THSG, is very similar to resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in grapes. Its high amount of zinc is linked to its reconstituent capability.

Damiana: Used in South and Central America since ancient times as an aphrodisiac, Damiana is known for increasing sexual stamina, improving erectile function and enhancing climaxes.

Yohimbine: A fat-burning compound found in Yohimbe bark is also a stimulant. Yohimbine is shown to help with erection problems, because it blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors that usually prevent erections and helps produce nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to the penis.

Ginger: it’s believed to be an aphrodisiac that works by stimulating blood flow, making the erogenous zones more sensitive.

Zinc: Some researches provide evidence that taking 30 milligrams of zinc and magnesium a day can increase testosterone levels. It also suggests it may even boost sperm quantity and motility to much higher levels.

Pregnenolone: A hormone made by your adrenal gland, helps make testosterone and other hormones that increase your libido.

Xanthoparmelia: is used to treat sexual dysfunction, as well as to increase sexual desire (as an aphrodisiac).

Tribulus-terrestris: this ingredient increases testosterone levels which results in better sex drive as well as improved physical performance while you’re exercising.

L-arginine: is an amino acid necessary for the body to make proteins and is used for erectile dysfunction (ED), and male infertility.

Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed contains an ingredient called icariin, which blocks an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme can stop arteries in your penis from dilating, which is necessary for enough blood to flow in and make you erect.

extenze supplement ingredients

How to Use Extenze?

You need to take one capsule a day, preferably after breakfast or an abundant meal. How fast does Extenze work? Well, the best results are achieved after at least 8 weeks of consistent use, but you’ll probably start seeing Extenze results within a month. There are satisfied users that have been taking Extenze for years.


This supplement is considered one of the best alternatives to expensive procedures, which can be hazardous to your health; to cheap prescription drugs that work day in, day out; or to the injections for increasing penis size, which are not only painful, but they don’t even work in the totality of cases, just in some of them.

It works especially well for men who already have symptoms of ED.


Apparently, there haven’t been specific drawbacks noticed among its users.

ExtenZe Side Effects?

Those who have allergies or are below the age of 18 years should avoid using Extenze plus.

Remember always to consult with your health care provider if you have any doubt about a supplement. Extenze is no exception in that matter and you should get medical advice prior to taking the Extenze pills, just to make sure that the product is good for your health.

What Results Can We Expect?

The results noticed are an increased sexual drive, longer and more powerful erections, and more pleasant, high voltage orgasms.

How Fast Does Extenze Work?

Well, the best results are achieved after at least 8 weeks of consistent use, but remember that each body is different. Your results might vary from others, and some testimonials show that results may appear after two weeks of use, and others take longer than 8 weeks.

Pros and Cons of ExtenZE


  • You can find discount on the official site.
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • By using Extenze you are significantly increasing your performance and skills
  • This product is sold worldwide
  • If you order online, you’ll get a Money back guarantee


  • It may take a couple of days for you to see your best results.
  • Its use is not recommended if you practice any sport professionally.
  • It is not a cheap product but nevertheless in a matter of price-quality it is affordable.


Extenze reviews show an impressive number of satisfied customers. Its users recommend to don’t skip days, take it consistently after breakfast and with a glass of water to make sure the pill dissolves well.

Most Extenze reviews from customers say that they noticed improvements in stamina and sexual desire, as well as longer, more consistent erections.

There are, though, some reviews that claim to have had rashes and dizziness from the intake, so again, make sure to consult a physician before you take Extenze.

Frequently Asked Questions about Extenze Pills

What is ExtenZe® Pills?
These pills are a medically designed formula to increase sexual potency in men, increase erections and libido.
How Does ExtenZe® Work?
The formula that integrates this product was created to stimulate and improve erections. In turn, one of the benefits you will get to see using Extenze is improved performance in bed and a slight increase in penis size due to sexual stimulation.
Do ExtenZe® Really Work?
Extenze is popularly known for its excellent performance and successful results. It is one of the best male enhancement products and a leader in sales. Its many testimonials can definitely certify that it is a reliable product.
What ExtenZe® Really Does?
ExtenZe’s formula increases testosterone levels and improves blood flow, resulting in improved erections, increased penis size and enhanced sex drive.
What Does ExtenZe® Do for Males?
To all those men who seek to improve their sexual performance, or who are suffering from dysfunctional problems, Extenze has an effective and immediate solution obtaining through its use bigger and harder erections.
How Long Does It Take For ExtenZe® to Work?
One of the benefits of ExtenZe is that it works immediately on the body, but only by using ExtenZe on a daily basis as a nutritional supplement will you see more improvement in your physical abilities over time.
Does ExtenZe® Increase Size?
Yes, one of the changes you will see when using an ExtenZe will be the increase in height and/or width of the penis. As well as in power.
Will ExtenZe® Make Me Bigger?
Sure! After a while using Extenze, you will start to look bigger and bigger.
Will ExtenZe® Make You Last Longer?
Yes. One of the many benefits you will get from using extenze, will be not only that you will last longer in bed, but you will also be harder, bigger and your orgasms will improve.
Can ExtenZe® Be taken With Alcohol?
It is not recommended to take Extenze with alcoholic drinks, this could compromise the effect of this pill.
Will ExtenZe® Help With ED?
Definitely! Using ExtenZe you will disappear all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and you will regain your natural sex life.
Can ExtenZe® Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
No. Not at all. Extenze works as a supplement to combat erectile dysfunction.
Can ExtenZe® be taken with viagra?
ExtenZe is a much better solution for erectile dysfunction than Viagra, therefore, it is not recommended to take Viagra and ExtenZe at the same time. If you are already taking Viagra, our recommendation is that you stop taking Viagra, cleanse your body of its toxins for one week and then start taking ExtenZe as a daily supplement. I assure you that it will change your life.
Are ExtenZe® and viagra the same?
No. Not at all. Viagra usually takes effect within two hours, so you should take it an hour before you have sex. Instead, ExtenZe is taken as a regular supplement. It will take effect in your body when you need it most. This way, you forget about the embarrassment of having to run after Viagra in order to have a night out. Enjoy sex all the time, as many times as you want, with ExtenZe it’s easier.
Does ExtenZe® Work Like Viagra?
ExtenZe’s formula is much more superior than Viagra, since it has no side effects on your body, it is made with natural ingredients, and you can take it at any time of the day.
Why is ExtenZe® Banned in Sports?
Because ExtenZe is known to help you enhance your skills, not only in bed, but physically, it is the reason why using ExtenZe while practicing a sport in a competitive manner is prohibited.
Can ExtenZe® Make You Fail a Drug Test?
Due to its DHEA content, this product may show up in Drug Test results, another reason why its use is not recommended if you are a professional athlete.
Is ExtenZe® Safe?
Absolutely! ExtenZe is made with natural ingredients and carefully measured in medical laboratories. With a history of more than 10 years in the market, it has never been known that ExtenZe had any side effects.
Who Sells ExtenZe® Pills?
You can buy ExtenZe through their official site. If you do it through their online store, you can find discounts and also get a money-back guarantee

Where to Buy Extenze?

You can buy Extenze pills through their official website, to avoid shipping/handling problems that can come up if you buy from other sites.

In that way you make sure that you buy from the source, and that the product that you receive has the guarantee that the manufacturer provides you with.

Try Extenze for 67 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied you can return the unused portion with the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60-day trial + one-week return shipping).

They will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling.

ExtenZe Final Reviews

Extenze seems to be a product that delivers what it promises: improved sexual male health, which leads to a happier sexual life and a boost in confidence.

And if the goal is to feel more confident in bed, you might as well give it a try and see for yourself.

extenze male enhancement reviews