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GenFX – Best HGH Releasear? We Tell You Why Men Choose It Everyday


GenFXWhat makes a person look young? Their attitude, of course, but also there is a physical element to it, that has to do with how the body resembles the appearance of youth and how the natural decline of bodily functions is managed.

In the modern era, much has been discovered and developed to keep the body working as if it was in its prime of youth, and among these discoveries is the existence of the human Growth Hormone (HGH) or somatotropin, which is a hormone that stimulates cell regeneration and cell reproduction as well as the growth of the body. This hormone is synthesized and stored by somatotropic cells in the pituitary gland but its release starts to diminish around 30-35 years of age.

The hGH also stimulates the production of Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and increases the concentration of glucose and free fatty acids. When its presence in the body starts diminishing the body is prone to generate insulin resistance and to store more fat, which increases the risks of diabetes and heart-related problems.

It has been said that the presence of hGH promotes bone development, keeps the brain active, favors muscle strength, and protects the lungs. There have been studies, though, to stimulate the production of the hormone naturally, and here is where we find GenFX.

What is GenFX

GenFX is a dietary compound manufactured by Natural Health Science Inc. that helps the pituitary gland increase the secretion of hGH, therefore regulating muscle tone and burning fat, enhancing sexual performance, strengthening the immune system, improving the rejuvenation of cells and the density of bones, among many other benefits.

How Does GenFX Work

This HGH booster doesn’t contain HGH itself but helps the body to produce it in levels near to those of youth. By providing the right amount of essential amino acids, this HGH releaser helps the body to produce higher levels of somatotropin, which in turn rejuvenates the body on many levels.

GenFX Benefits

To reap the benefits of Gen FX you need to remember to take the capsules twice a day, if possible with plenty of water. Each capsule, once released into the body, will immediately start to work but you need to be consistent with the intake and also lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy food.

There are many benefits provided by GenFX HGH Releaser that you can gain advantage of if you follow the guidelines to make the supplement work in your favor.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Stronger hair and nails.
  • Improved mental agility.
  • All-natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Increased cognitive abilities
  • Helps repair tissues and bones

Side Effects

Although it has no known side effects it has been banned from professional athletic competitions due to its ability to increase performance and stamina.

genfx hgh releaser

GenFX Ingredients

This natural HGH booster has 12 purified amino acids in its composition, both animal-derived and plant-derived as well as other components that participate in its composition. Let’s review them:

  • L-Lysine: Promotes bones, nails and hair health, and together with L-Arginine, which helps improve blood circulation in the body, both seem to stimulate the production and release of HGH.
  • L-Glutamine enhances brain wellness, muscle development, and athletic performance, and L-Glycine is used to support muscle building and boost the immune system. It also has anti-aging effects.
  • Pyroglutamate stimulates the brain by extending the lifespan of neuron cells.
  • Panax Ginseng Powder helps blood circulation, Is useful in lowering blood sugar, and extends the survival of neurons.
  • Tyrosine aids the building of Thyroid hormones.
  • Soy Phosphatides are beneficial to brain function and health.
  • Leucine is an amino acid used that helps recover after exercising.
  • Phytosteroles help regulate how much cholesterol is present in the body.
  • Methionine helps build antioxidants like glutathione.
  • Threonine helps build proteins and it must be provided by an outside source, as the body can’t synthesize it on its own.
  • Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that helps build neurotransmitters.
  • Gelatin is beneficial for cognitive performance and and to have a restful sleep.
  • Valine is an amino acid used to enhance muscle strength.

Anterior pituitary extracts help the pituitary gland work.

Why Using a HGH Releaser

An HGH releaser is a safe way of improving your body’s health at a fraction of the cost of expensive surgery or over the top treatment, and although every body’s response to any supplement is different, the Gen FX HGH releaser provides enough benefits to give it a try.

For whom this product is intended

GenFX can help any person in their middle and advanced age, but its effects are especially noticeable for men who want to increase their energy levels, their alertness and strength, and their sexual drive

Where to buy GenFX

It is available on the manufacturer’s website and also in selected stores across the Internet.

Money-Back guarantee

If by any chance you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer provides a 67-day money-back guarantee. If you decide to return the product, this must be done within those 67 days. The manufacturer offers this guarantee since they know that their customers will be 100% satisfied.

Note: Avoid shipping the gen fx after the 67days have expired. For more inquiries on the manufacturer’s refund policy, please contact their customer service.


As we have seen through this GenFX HGH review, it is highly possible that by taking this supplement you will experience a boost on your overall body performance, feeling rejuvenated, more active, and alert. If you couple this extra help with a consistent healthy way of living, you will benefit even more. Remember to always consult your medical care provider before taking this or any other helping supplement, and especially be willing to discover that it is possible to have a better life and an improved, healthier body.

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