Erectile Dysfunction Psychological Causes and Solutions


Similarly, stress and mental health concerns can trigger or intensify impotence. In some cases, a mix of physical and mental issues causes Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. For example, a small physical condition that slows your sexual reaction might cause stress and anxiety about maintaining an erection. 

Levels of sex drive can differ throughout life. It is likewise regular that your interest does not match your partner’s sometimes. Nevertheless, lack of libido over an extended period of time is an indication for some individuals. Low libido can be an indicator of underlying illness. It is important to discover the possible erectile dysfunction causes and find the best ED supplements or therapies that will help you solve this problem.

Psychological Causes of ED

When we are speaking about erectile dysfunction, we might add that 10 to 20% of males suffer from erection problems. It is frequently a secondary reaction to a hidden physical cause. In many cases, the mental impacts of ED might stem from childhood abuse or sexual injury, however, the most important common erectile dysfunction causes consist on:

  • Tension: Stress can be job-related, money-related, or the outcome of marital problems (some others as well).
  • Anxiety: Once a man experiences ED symptoms, he might become excessively fretted that the issue will occur once again. This can lead to “efficiency anxiety” or a worry of sexual failure and regularly result in erectile dysfunction.
  • Regret: A guy might feel guilty that he is not pleasing his partner.
  • Depression: A typical reason for ED, anxiety can affect the person physically and emotionally. Anxiety can trigger ED even when a guy is completely comfortable in sexual situations.
  • Low self-esteem: This can be due to previous episodes of erection problems or can be the result of other problems unrelated to sexual efficiency.
  • Indifference: This lost interest in sex can be a result of taking some medications or issues in a couple’s relationship.

As it is mentioned, depression, anxiety, and stress are the main reason why you cannot have firm erections. These factors not only affect your sleeping and eating schedule but are the most important erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Doctor’s Solutions

We all skip going to the doctor’s office for some reason, and this is really a terrible idea, especially when it comes to erection problems.

As a doctor in this field for more than 40 years, I am surprised that even though we live in modern times, men still fear visiting us when they experience erection problems. It is important to book an appointment immediately after you experience some of the ED symptoms simply because it is easier to treat it when it is caught on time.

There are various treatments in case you can’t get hard anymore, and usually, these include taking ED supplements such as 5G Male Plus. This might sound a little bit rude, but every man wants a hard dick, and you need to be able to sustain a firm erection in order to satisfy your partner.

How ED changes relationships

An intimate relationship between two people is really personal and private. When a male has erection problems it might impact or alter his relationship with his partner. The guy may be ashamed as well as feel guilty, making it challenging to talk to his partner about his issue.

For sure is not easy to live with a partner who suffers from erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to communicate and go through this process together. Many women ask why their boyfriend cannot stay hard and claim:   Because my boyfriend cannot stay hard, I think he is cheating”. The most important thing is to trust your partner and have honest communication. But do not forget that he is more uncomfortable and disappointed with this situation than you.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

If you experience ED symptoms it is important to go to the doctor and perform several tests. After the results, your doctor will prescribe you a convenient treatment, preferably using medication such as 5G Male Plus which with time will help you have a firmer erection and perform sexual activities without any problem.

In case your condition is more severe and medication does not help, you will have some other options such as acupuncture, penis pumps, penile implants, capillary surgical implants, etc. If your erectile dysfunction is triggered by stress, anxiety, or depression, or the condition is creating stress and relationship tension your physician might suggest that you and your partner check out a psychologist or therapist.

What is the best solution for ED?

For sure penile implants and surgical procedures are scary, which is why it is important to take ED supplements first. Among the best out there is 5G Male Plus and in case you are ready to say goodbye to erectile dysfunction, you will need to make a few changes in your habits. Perhaps you have never realized how alcohol, unhealthy food, and tobacco affect your erections, but it is time to know the real truth.

Men who are obese, or tend not to exercise have higher chances of suffering from impotence. In case you are 20 or something years old, you need to know that this condition not only affects old men but young ones too.


Erectile dysfunction is amongst the most common problem which men deal with. It is hard living with this condition, simply because not only affects you but your partner too. In this article, you have discovered a few ways which might help you deal with this problem, for starters you should definitely try 5G Male Plus because it has helped many men to get rid of this problem. You also need to do control tests each month to see if there is any improvement. Most important of all, you need to get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise, then you can say goodbye to erection problems.

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