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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Male Infertility

male hormone replacement therapy

Currently, testosterone hormone replacement therapy, or TRT, is becoming increasingly popular among men. In fact, not only doctors are asked too much about the possibility of treatment. This option is also being used very frecuntly, without consulting with specialized personnel.

Given that, it is convenient that we have full knowledge of the advantages and side effects of this male hormone replacement therapy when we are considering this option. First let’s look at the conditions faced by those who have a testosterone deficit.

How Low Testosterone Affects Our Body

Testosterone is fundamentally that hormone that makes men physically different from women. Therefore, deficiency in the typical T levels, called hypogonadism, can cause irregularities in male sexual functions, altered mood, and their own physical constitution.

A man who suffers this condition, experiences low sexual desire, physical fatigue, erectile dysfunction and insufficient sperm to fertilize the egg. It will also be noticed in the loss of body hair and muscle mass. It can also cause abnormal development of the mammary glands.

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Not everything is lost for those who suffer from a deficiency of substances of this hormone. Next, we will see what TRT is, or testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT is a medical solution for men with hypogonadism, or for those who, due to their age, see their vigor and sexual performance diminish. It is usually provided in the form of gels, patches, injections or other means. Oral treatment is not usually advised due to the harmful effect it causes to the liver.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, by helping us reach typical T levels, produces very specific and desirable effects, such as the following:

  • Increase in sexual potency.
  • Greater ability to maintain erections.
  • Increase in sexual desire, or libido.
  • Higher levels of physical energy.
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Higher bone density
  • Better mood.

Possible Side Effects

Along with the striking benefits of the testosterone supply, we also have some side effects that those who undergo this treatment will want to take into account.

There is a side effect that could surprise those who resort to TRT in search of virility. And this procedure treated the sperm count during the time of treatment. If the treatment has been supplied correctly, sperm levels will be regularized at the end of the treatment.

Other potential effects of Hormone replacement therapy are sleep apnea, acne and prostatic hyperplasia. As an even more serious risk, the formation of clots that cause pulmonary embolism.

testosterone and fertility

Frequently Asked Questions About TRT

TRT treatment usually generates many doubts that it is good to clarify. Below, we show the most common questions and their respective answers.

What are the best testosterone treatments?

There are various methods for the supply of testosterone. The result is the same. The advantage that each one can provide depends on being comfortable and minimizing the quality of life. Let’s see the most used methods.

  • Transdermal patch. It consists of a patch placed on the skin and is applied once a day. It should be placed on the upper body.
  • Mouth patch. There is also the option of placing the patch on the buccal walls, specifically on the palate. This must be renewed twice a day.
  • Gel Gel-shaped testosterone is applied directly to the skin so that it absorbs it and directs it to the bloodstream. In this case, it is advisable to use a special pump that administers the required dose accurately.
  • Implant. A soft tissue device can be placed through a small surgical incision.
  • Testosterone can also be given through injections.

We can decide the method to use according to our tastes and the budget set aside for this purpose. Testosterone replacement therapy cost will vary according to the method.

Does testosterone increase sperm count?

In general, it is mistakenly understood that increasing sexual potency and libido will increase fertility; but it’s just the opposite. It is true that testosterone plays a key role in the production of waiting. However, during treatment, sperm count is seriously affected.

Studies have revealed that all men undergoing TRT saw their sperm count seriously decreased. In fact, 90% will not produce sperm at all. The effect is so marked that it is being studied as a contraceptive method.

This is because the brain understands the incoming dose as a surplus and reacts by decreasing sperm production. Therefore, testosterone and fertility do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Can a man who takes testosterone get a woman pregnant?

TRT significantly decreases sperm count, but this does not mean that the patient will necessarily be infertile during the process.

90% of treated men saw sperm production decrease to zero. This figure itself indicates that TRT, as a contraceptive method is very insecure. The use of TRT as a method of birth control is still under study.

Responsible Use of Testosterone

It can be correctly said that testosterone replacement is a magnificent option for this hormonal complication that disrupts the life of the affected person. In addition, it helps to treat the problem of low testosterone and fertility.

However, it is a double-edged alternative that should be used with a lot of responsibility and with the necessary medical support.