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How do you build your biceps?

how to build your muscles

Many athletes face the problem of pumping biceps. The majority of newcomers at increasing the bicep volume in the gym. Many people think that biceps volume is an indicator of human strength. At least, its size is very impressive for the female sex. In practice, the swollen biceps is the result of pumping blood into it. As a rule, biceps lose their volume and strength easily if they are not trained for a long time, unlike the triceps. In addition, the biceps of the shoulder can in no way serve as a criterion for human strength. It is well known that flexor muscles are on average 2 times weaker than extensor muscles. And the volume of biceps is formed mainly by triceps, which accounts for up to 70% of the forearm thickness in circumference.

How do I Pump my Biceps?

In order to increase biceps, it will be necessary to break with several stereotypes at first. Of all the bicep exercises known to the general public – boom lifts, Scott’s dumbbells/seats/pew benches with supination or hammer (only dumbbells) – only boom lifts are really effective. In addition, the correct technique differs significantly from the standard one. No flipping, no body tilting forward (this allows you to slightly increase the amplitude of the movement), no restrictions on the number of lifts and repetitions. This exercise is performed before muscle failure, and experienced athletes say it should literally make you nauseous.

For less fanatical athletes, the criterion for sufficient load is the impossibility of complete bending of the arm in the elbow, painful sensations and convulsions.

How to inflate biceps?

When lifting the barbell on the biceps, the most attention should be paid to the negative phase of the exercise – controlled descent.

Controlled lowering means that the bar does not fall under the influence of gravity with the acceleration of free fall, and the athlete himself, and only he, sets the speed of movement. Taking into consideration the fact that biceps in the negative phase can develop the greatest force (it is known that in the positive phase, when lifting the projectile, biceps develops only half of its maximum force), Mike Mentzer in his time proposed to completely exclude the lifting of shells from training, replacing them with controlled descents. The partner helps the athlete to double up against the usual heavy barbell, and he starts to slowly lower it. It’s hard to judge the effectiveness of such a system, but we all remember how in our school years we learned to pull up – first jumping on the bar, and then slowly sinking.

However, the boom lifts on biceps are not as effective as we would like them to be. The movement is performed around one point of support – the elbow, which provokes the lower parts of the biceps muscle much more than the upper parts. This leads to a decrease in the growth rate of muscle mass and its disproportionate development.

How to avoid this?

Very simply – the greatest effect in building up biceps volume is given by pulling the bar in reverse grip. Reverse grip is when the fingers are outward, on themselves. This exercise should be performed with the maximum amplitude. In order to avoid muscular adaptation, it is recommended to perform them not every day, but alternately. If you can’t pull up – and that’s just the way it is today – you only have to do the pulling. Of course, with such a low level of physical fitness, we cannot talk about any kind of adaptation and ways to prevent it.

Pulling up becomes a basic exercise, the first auxiliary should do the boom lift on biceps. Starting from 2-3 months of training you can add one more exercise to the training program: raising the bar on the biceps on the bench of Scott or lifting dumbbells. The variety of biceps exercises makes it easy to avoid muscle adaptation. The main thing to remember is that the growth of muscle tissue is provoked by heavy compound exercises (pulling and pulling in an inclination), which activates the muscle fiber of the whole biceps and provokes the release of testosterone – a powerful anabolic. Insulating exercises are only used to pump blood muscles, the so-called pumping. This visually increases the volume of biceps for a short period of time, improves blood supply and, consequently, the intake of nutrients.