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How to Choose The Best Gear for Running

running gear

One of the best features to running is the fact that it doesn’t need any special gear or equipment. Whether we are running on the road, a trail or treadmill, running is all about you and feeling that high that only comes from running. But even though running doesn’t require anything special to enjoy, how can we choose the best gear for running?

In this article, we will discuss some of the exciting accessories and gear that has been developed to help improve your running pace and endurance. No matter your style of running, we are sure this article will have something to wet your pallet and make you want to put them to the test.


Align Footwear Arch Mobility Insoles will make your feet feel like you are running on air. Our feet take a lot of pounding on our daily runs, especially if we are running on pavement. These insoles are very useful for those who have suffered from a food injury in the past.

Balega Women’s Enduro Low-Cut socks: These airy, light and comfortable socks fit your fit perfectly. They feel like a family of cotton balls is lovingly cushioning your feet for the entire run.

Mitscoots Recovery socks: These colorful knee-high socks are made to help your feet and calves recuperate after a long run. They aren’t meant to be used for running, but for after your workout.


Graced by Grit Everything Leggings: The name of these leggings says it all, they are made for all-types of terrain while providing women with much-needed support in certain areas. They have two hidden pockets and a hook for keys. Also the leggings come with a safety whistle and SPF 50.

Sugoi Pace 7″ short: Running in shorts can be considered to be one of the best things in life, but there never is a place to put anything. These shorts are the solution; they come with 2 front pockets and a back zippered pocket. Made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking and water-repellent material. These are a must have performance piece for running.

Ibex W2 Sport ZIP: It’s lightweight and breathable material is chafe-free, leading to hours of comfort running in all types of climates. This jacket is made up of flat lock stitching and inset sleeves, so nothing will hold you back from giving your best on your run.


Skida Nordic Hat: During the cold winter months, wearing a hat while running is a necessity but most hats slide around and block our vision. This hat keeps you toasty-warm with a phenomenal fit. It is made from a lightweight material that won’t weigh down your runs.


Waxelene Anti-chafe Balm: Our lips are constantly exposed to the elements when running outside, the wind, sun, sleet, etc. But what runner wants to carry around with them a jar of gooey petroleum jelly? Waxlene is the solution as it is easy and affective to use, leaving your lips smooth and soft but without the grease.

Healing Tree Muscle rub: This rub is made up all natural ingredients that really relieve your sore muscles after a long hard run. Many muscle rubs have a strong artificial smell but this one is refreshing and fresh. It contains no wax, alcohol or parabens.

Go Motion Synergy Hydration Lightvest: This pack can easily hold your water and all the other items you might desire to carry with you. It comes with a light attached to the front of the vest, allowing for visibility at night.

This is just a quick overview of some of the top running gear and accessories on the market today. We are sure they will help get the most out of your runs and fitness workouts.