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How to Expand the Chest

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Many highly qualified trainers believe that by performing certain exercises, it is possible to achieve the expansion of the chest. This is usually done by doing two exercises in combination. These exercises are breathing squats with a barbell and dumbbell pullovers on the transverse bench. By systematically doing these exercises, along with progressive increases in working weight, the coach can achieve an increase in the chest.

Breast Expansion Exercises

Breathing squats with a barbell

First, you do the breathing squats with a barbell on your shoulders. The technique of this exercise is no different from the classical analog, except that at the end of each exercise (in the standing position) is performed as deep as possible breath and exhalation, after which you need to take a slow breath while moving to the bottom point, and slowly exhale on the rise.

Every 5 repetitions you can do not one, but 3-5 deep breaths, and then continue. To expand your chest, many people recommend increasing the number of repetitions of breathing squats to 15-20 in one set. A different scheme is also suggested:

  • Repetition 1-7, take 1 deep breath
  • Repetition 8-13, take two breaths
  • Repetition 14-20, take 3 breaths

Don’t forget that you take an extra slow breath while driving down and a slow exhalation while climbing. Do not hold your breath. Squatting with a barbell can be replaced periodically with hack squatting or bench pull.

After the breathing squats approach, you should start pullovers with dumbbells on the cross board. Sometimes they are also called “breathing” pullovers because they use the same method of breathing: 1 breath for 1-7 repetitions, 2 breaths between 8-13 repetitions and 3 between 14-20 repetitions. As with squatting, take a new breath during lowering and exhalation during dumbbell lifting.

The total number of repetitions can be reduced to 15 or 12. Try to bend more in the back so that you can maximize your torso. As a rule, backup is required for quality and safety. Pullovers can be replaced periodically with Raider’s chest pull.

Remember that the key to success is a progressive increase in weight (5-10% more each training session).

General Training Scheme

You can start with both breathing squats and pullovers. On average, it is enough to perform three successive approaches. The optimal frequency of chest expansion training is once every 1-2 weeks.