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How to Lose Weight Effectively in a Week

How to lose weight

First of all, never push yourself to the limit, since losing a great deal of weight at once can be very dangerous and traumatic for your body. It is possible to lose weight in a healthy way and not by using pills, teas or any product that has been marketed. If you stay, you will have the chance to find out how to lose weight effectively in a week with only few habits.

Detox is Important Before Dieting

Before starting with any diet, it is important to make detoxification. Many use cucumber water, smoothies, etc. but the best detox medicine is water, apple cider vinegar and lemon. Make a mixture of these ingredients and always drink it after you get up. That way, even if you are planning to work out, you will have the energy for your training session.

If you enjoy juices throughout the day, there are many recipes available that can help you achieve your goal – looking slim and attractive! Most of these are fruit based and some even include vegetables and seeds. Get inspired and make your own detox bomb that will melt your fat!

Why does the detox work?

The reason why most of the detox drinks work is because they contain either fruit or vegetables or in some cases a mixture of both. Raw fruits and veggies help scrub your body clean, while eliminating toxic substances and extra body fat.

Raw fruits and veggies have more nutrients than cooked, so when you have a metabolism boosting, enhancing veggie like raw broccoli is more effective than steamed or grilled broccoli, just to the fact that it’s still in the raw state.

So, be open to this extremely raw way of eating and before you know it, you will be feeling pleased and fantastic while detoxing and reducing weight.

How to lose weight effectively in a week

Below is a weekly plan for you to follow in order to succeed at what you are doing. Remember, combine the detox juices with these dishes and you will notice the results in just a few days. However, as every diet does not do miracles overnight, you should be patient and keep pushing yourself until you see the wanted outcome.

  • Day 1: You can take in a number of portions of fruit, preferably those that are abundant in water, like watermelon, melon and pineapple.
  • Day 2: Consume all sort of fresh veggies, preferably raw. You must prevent picking beans, green peas or corn. If you want, you can prepare cooked vegetables, and do not forget to increase your water intake.
  • Day 3: You can consume fruits and veggies, avoiding potatoes and bananas or bananas.
  • Day 4: In the course of this day, you must consume 8 bananas or bananas and 6 glasses of skim milk. This will energize you and assist you lessen the desire to eat sugary foods.
  • Day 5: Take in throughout the day between 2 and 3 little meat parts and about 6 tomatoes. The meat needs to be prepared or roasted and the tomatoes can be consumed raw or boiled. Remember to drink lots of water.
  • Day 6: Take in 2 to 3 portions of lean meats and enhance with a great quantity of raw or boiled green veggies.
  • Day 7: You can consume approximately 3 portions of essential rice in the day and prepare shakes of unsweetened fruits and veggies.

If you continue following this meal plan even after a week passes, you are likely to stay fit and on the right track. For those people who wish to continue with detoxification and diet, we recommend a mixture every now and then, so the meal plan does not make you fed up with dieting.