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Male Extra Review: Does It Really Get You Back on Track?【2020】


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male extra supplementMore than 30 million men in the United States alone suffer from erectile dysfunction. Even though there are many types of over the counter prescription drugs available for men, they don’t come without some dangerous side effects that could seriously affect your health. For this very reason, Male Extra was created.

Male Extra understands your frustration and wants you to get the satisfaction you desire in bed now, without having to worry about unwanted side effects later on in life. For this reason, they designed a natural, safe and efficient male enhancement formula that really works.

Generally, men from 35 + may experience difficulties holding an erection, which can directly affect your confidence and self-esteem in being able to satisfy your partner sexually.

But guys, you can breathe easier knowing that erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with you personally or your partner. The truth is that it is caused by one of the following biological circumstances such as, testosterone production, blood supply to your penis and how your body produces and stimulates the hormone histamine.

Male Extra has taken into consideration all of the above factors, creating the best male enlargement pills that renews your sex life.

What Are The Male Extra Enhancement Pills?

Many men have labeled Male Extra their little magic pills, mostly for the obvious benefits that are associated with taking them such as:

  • Instantly boosting your sex drive
  • Aids in increasing your sexual stamina
  • Enlarging the size of your penis
  • Improving the quality and time of your erection
  • Extremely potent natural formula
  • Hundreds of thousands of happy, fully satisfied customers

Male Extra pills deliver everything in the bedroom that those little blue prescription medication promises to do but without the health risks, as it is completely natural and safe. Many prescription medicines come with some serious health risks such as heart problems, dizziness, loss of vision and hearing.

Thousands of men consider themselves lucky to finally have discovered a male enhancement pill that actually lives up to their promises and is 100% risk-free.

The best catch is that you don’t need a prescription and spend a small fortune on satisfying your lady and meeting her expectations. Male Extra has been considered, for the last few years, to be the number one solution for male erectile dysfunction.

How Does Male Extra Work?

Male Extra has combined proven ingredients that men have been using to maximize their erections and sexual pleasure, making a potent formula that ensures harder, longer erections. Let’s not forget to mention mind-blowing orgasms. Before we explain how their male enhancement pills work, let’s understand the science behind an erection.

The key lies in irrigating blood to your genitals in order to have a satisfying erection. The whole erection process begins when the man’s brain sends a signal to his penis, which causes the veins to expand, hence increasing blood flow to your genitals.

In other words, the more blood flows your penis receives the better the erection. Male Extra pills contain all of the nutrients you need to increase blood flow to your genitals and be able to hold an erection for the time needed to please your partner. Plus, it improves your entire body’s blood flow and increases your testosterone levels.

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Malextra Pills: Who is This Product for?

Do you find that you just can’t please your partner in the bedroom? Then you need this product sooner than later. If you want a permanent, healthy solution to last longer in bed, then this natural supplement is for you

No matter what your age is, erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. This product is suitable for any man over the age of 18 that is having intimacy issues. Thankfully, there is a natural solution to save your sex life!

What is the right dose of Male Extra?

If you want to get the most out of your male enhancement pills then you should be taking 3 pills a day, for maximum results. For best results, take one first thing in the morning, at lunch and again at dinnertime.

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra has been around since 2009; helping men worldwide improve their sex life. Just knowing this little fact, shows a lot about their success rate, as it wasn’t just all hype but provides real results that work. These male enhancement pills’ success rate is due to their premium quality ingredients. Check out some of the main ingredients used in manufacturing Male Extra Powerful:

Each male enhancement pill contains 600mg of L-Arginine HCL, this amino acid helps to increase the levels of other components such as Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is an essential aliment is increasing blood flow levels throughout the entire body, but specifically in the genital region. Studies have shown on average, that men noticed a 40% improvement in sexual intimacy when regularly consumed.

Grenade 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg
Mother nature provides us with everything we could possibly need to have for optimum health, and grenade (pomegranate) is proof of this fact. The little red seeds inside of a grenade contain ellagic acid, which doesn’t only increase blood flow but also the blood supply. In other words increasing the length and hardness of your erections.

Methyl Sulfonic- Methane 100mg
A type of mineral sulfur that is essential in repairing and growing cells. As we age, our body becomes sluggish is repairing cells, especially those needed in the genital area. This component regenerates cell growth and repair in that specific reason, making it possible to have firmer and harder erections.

Zinc 14 mg
Zinc is needed for optimum health, as it has the ability to quickly regenerate tissues, improving skin tone and strengthening bone. But when it comes to the intimacy department, it is a natural stimulant for getting aroused and staying aroused. It increases testosterone levels, which is necessary good sexual performance.

Niacin 18mg
This often-overlooked vitamin is necessary for supplying your genitals with a constant blood flow. Aiding the blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow while having sex. Plus, it is a natural energy stimulant, which means faster recovery faster having sex.

Cordyceps 25mg
This natural root is considered to be a proven traditional aphrodisiac that is activated in the part of brain that coordinates sexual impulses. Making this active ingredient necessary for maintaining an active libido and being able to have fulfilling erections one after another.


Male Extra has a loyal following of thousands of customers; many of them have been using this male enhancement since the company launched their product in 2009. So you won’t be making a mistake by buying one of the best selling male supplements available on the market.

Plus, after only a few days of taking this natural magic pill, you will notice a difference when you get intimate with your partner. Plus, when you order directly from their website you can find some amazing money-saving offers.


There are quite a few counterfeit male enhancement products flying around online that are just scams to take you money and send you a fake product. We recommend that you buy Male Extra directly though our website to avoid being scammed.

If you are taking conventional medicine, it is recommended to see your physician before taking these last longer in bed pills.

Where can I buy male extra pills? United States, France, England, Canada, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Portugal

Male Extra Side Effects

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Due to the fact that Male Extra only contains natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to safe for human consumption, there are no known adverse side effects.

But there are some positive side effects that are not related to intimacy that are definitely worth mentioning:

  1. Helps to speed up your metabolism, increasing weight loss and fat burn
  2. Increases overall energy levels throughout the day
  3. Improves overall health, especially cardiovascular health
  4. Strengthens your bones

Male Extra Reviews by Customers

Does Male Extra work? There is no need to take our word that it works, check out the following real-life reviews of men that claim Male Extra results and it has renewed their sex life and saved their relationships.

Mark, 42 years old, from Portland, Oregon, USA
My wife and I, always had a satisfying sex life, but after my back surgery my amount of sexual pleasure began to decrease. My wife also noticed that my sexual libido was almost gone. After reviewing numerous male enhancement supplements online, I decided to give Male Extra a try; I liked the fact it has been around for almost twenty years, with thousands of happy customers. Since I started taking this pill, my sex life is better than ever!

Andres, 38 years old, from Barcelona, Spain
As a lawyer, I have a stressful job and don’t always follow the healthiest of diets, but I have always had an active sex life, and took get pleasure in satisfying my partner. That is until, I started noticed that I couldn’t hold an erection very long. My doctor told me to follow a healthier diet, exercise regularly, but my schedule didn’t allow me to do so. So he recommended me to take Male Extra as a natural supplement, in a short time my sex life returned to normal and to my surprise, I started to have more energy that I eventually started working out regularly.

Male Extra Pros and Cons



  • Allows you to enjoy multiple orgasms and improved sexual performance
  • There is no need to have a prescription to use it. Plus is  doesn’t have any harmful side effects
  • Expect to see quick benefits. Only a few days after taking Male Extra, you will have increased sexual libido and rock hard erections.
  • Natural ingredients that don’t only improve the quality of erections but your overall health



    • Some people might think that the price is quite steep, but for the price you are getting the best male enhancement option available
  • Some individuals have noticed that results took slightly longer than promised, but they did experience satisfactory results later

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Extra

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a pill whose function is to stimulate testosterone production, and increase stamina levels in order to increase blood flow and give you hard and longer-lasting erections.

How Good Is Male Extra?

One of the reasons why Male Extra is so popular with people and why it has over 150,000 buyers is because of its excellent results when used.

Is Male Extra Permanent?

In 10Pills we recommend to attend a clinical doctor to inform you about erectile dysfunction or other similar problems, however, due to the effects of this pill, whenever you are taking it, you will obtain excellent results and improvements in your bed performance.

How Long Does Male Extra Work?

According to customer testimonials, the operation of Male Extra may vary. That is, from the moment you start taking Male Extra, results can take up to 6 days. For best results, we recommend taking Male Extra daily.

How to Use Male Extra?

It is recommended that you take a Male Extra pill with your meals. If you take Male Extra twice a day, it will be at lunch and dinner.

What is the Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill?

Due to its demand and undeniable results, Male Extra is considered one of the best and most effective male enhancement pills.

Where to Buy Male Extra?

At 10Pills we always recommend buying Male Extra through their official site, this way your purchase will be secured and what you will get is the product you expect. Do not trust reseller shops, you could fall into a scam. Visit Male Extra Website.

Who Sells Male Extra?

Male Extra has an official online store where you can go and buy the product that best suits your needs. We do not recommend purchasing this product through reseller sites.

Buy Male Extra

No matter what your age is, Male Extra wants you to enjoy getting intimate with your partner and no have to feel embarrassed because of erectile dysfunction. In today’s day and age, there is no reason to suffer from a bad erection or use risky medication.

Mother Nature has supplied everything you need to be confident in bed and this natural male enhancement has combined everything you need to increase your sexual libido in a simple pill.

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