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Pound workout review? My 50 cents on it.


STOP! I know you’re here for Pound Fitness, but before you start reading this, let me tell you one thing, or maybe two. The first one: I’m starting Henry’s corner, in this part of the blog I will put my opinion and explain fitness/bodybuilding techniques. 
Second, this is MY OPINION on it, but I will inform you with reliable sources as always. So, let’s get into it: 

What is POUND Fitness?

POUND fitness is the ideal training program to lose fat as it combines different types of exercises such as Aerobic, Pilates and Yoga. While hitting the air with the rhythm of the music using drum sticks, as if you were the drummer in a rock band.

How long is a POUND workout class?

The normal session of POUND fitness is about 45 minutes, combining some of the following exercises: squats, jumping jacks, twists, stretching and more. The whole session, you don’t stop pounding your drumsticks against the air, you pound them so much that typical class you will have pounded them more than 15,000 times. The diversity of exercises used with the Rock and Roll music, using your arms and legs makes this new style of training very innovating and motivating.

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Pound workout songs

The music for the class is professionally chosen or a computer chooses this class program it has to be between two to four minutes in length, that encourage maximum intensity of the workout for each interval. The idea with these short bursts of energy is to help you burn the most calories possible.

One of the main advantages of POUND Fit is that you don’t need to be counting how many sets or watching the clock. The rhythm of the music begins and ends each exercise routine within the session. Then you can exercise without distractions, giving you the sensation that time is just flying by.

Pound Fitness Training

In order to make a proper workout of POUND fitness, you need to be consistent with the routine while considering your physical stamina. There are a lot of routines for this such as 12 days of POUND or just pound dvd workouts from home, however the key is finishing the song and trying to cope along with it. YOU will burn calories, but don’t kill yourself with it. Like every excercise you need patience and practice. 
Since the exercise sessions are about 45 minutes, you will need to analyze what you can do and can’t do in that time. By doing this, you will be able to pace yourself. It is important not just to go to one class and never repeat a class. There are many gyms that have specialized TV screens or in your home on the TV that allows you to adjust the session’s velocity to your level, the length and the intensity of each workout.

Health Benefits

Let’s talk about benefits, but if you’re concern about it, is very important to talk to your medical advisor or physiotherapist, if you have doubts or concerns about performing POUND fit.
It’s good to inquire with a medical specialist who is familiar with your previous medical concerns before beginning any new exercise program. This is because they will know about if the certain exercise has risks for you and they can advice you if it is the best choice for you and your circumstances. Don’t recommend it if you’re experimenting any recovery from injuries or specially joint pain.

pound fitness sticks

Pound fit sticks

Do you have to buy your own set of drumsticks or Ripstix? No, you can look for an alternative. Try to invent your drumsticks by using two wooden mixing-spoons that have a rounded handle or two rounded sticks, are simple examples.

These quick and easy solutions won’t give us the same results as the original Ripstix but they are more economical and can help us during the first few sessions, giving you time to decide if this exercise program is for you. Watch the video and follow one of the class to see if you’re still interesed 🙂