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Proper Breathing in Bodybuilding

breading importance during training

Breathing right is very easy. You go up to the dumbbells, lean over them – breathe in, straighten out – exhale. Dumbbells to the shoulders – a breath. That’s what bodybuilding and athleticism looks like.

Every next phase of movement coincides with the breathing phase. This also applies to all kinds of presses and arrangements for the chest lying and sitting.

But when working on an inclined bench (climbing on biceps) – there is another one. In this case, the correct breathing is as follows: you sit on the bench, lean over dumbbells – breath, straighten – exhale. Then take a breath. Start to make an exhalation with simultaneous lifting of dumbbells. Tilt down – a breath. And only so. And it doesn’t matter what you do: lean over the fallen pencil, or do the bench pull.

Closed Breath

You can’t hold your breath. If a short delay in breathing is acceptable, it can lead to serious consequences. For example:

If you work in normal training mode, it is a little easier here. If the weight is relatively small – everything is easier. But if you’re doing the maximum weight, one or two repetitions, you need to be careful.

The most dangerous thing with the highest weight is the moment when the bar comes off the floor. You take the barbell, strain yourself, and suddenly you notice that you have blocked your breath. Intentionally, without even noticing it.

If you hear a noise in your ears after the traction, don’t worry, it’s is quite normal, don’t push yourself. What I recommend is to rest a little and reduce the weight from the bar, at least for a while.

After the pull, you can also feel pressure in your eyes. If so, you will need to rest and reduce the weight of the bar. If red dots appear in your eyes, it is serious. It is somewhere inside the eyes that the vessel burst. The barbell must not be touched until the dots in the eye have cleared.

Of course, this is undesirable, but it’s no big deal. You just need to be careful. This can be observed during squats and from overload. But it is necessary to try very hard.

So, we draw a conclusion: proper breathing is the key to success!