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Testosterone Supplements Reviews

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

Traditionally testosterone supplements have been used to treat men with low testosterone levels, a condition known as hypogonadism. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy which seeks to keep levels of serum testosterone within the normal range. They have also been used for other purposes such as reducing infertility, improving sex drive in men or correcting erectile dysfunction, correcting osteoporosis, stimulating penile enlargement and stimulating growth in height. Others include stimulating bone marrow and building muscle mass and reversing the effects of anemia.

Testosterone supplements come in varied forms and can be categorized in the way they are administered. Most common supplements are taken via mouth or injected into the blood stream. Some are taken in the form of cream, patch or gel through the skin or even implanted on the skin and left to dissolve into the body.

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

  • Testosterone is the hormone that gives masculine shape in men. It therefore stimulate growth in muscle mass and cut body fat.
  • The supplements have the capacity to stimulate growth of denser and stronger bones, thus keeping the onset of osteoporosis at bay.
  • The supplements have been known to increase libido and give hard erections. Moreover, they boost blood circulation to the penis.
  • They increasingly enhance the quality of sleep. Testosterone is a known mood elevator hormone.
  • However, athletes have illegally abused the supplements to enhanced their performance and give them unfair disadvantage over other athletes.

Cons of Testosterone Supplements

On the negative, testosterone supplements use have associated side effects which consists of acne, hair loss and growth of breast tissue. There are also linked to cancer, liver damage, enlarged prostate and diabetes. It is worth noting that most doctors discourage the use of the supplements.

Where to Buy the Testosterone Supplements?

One can get the supplements from a pharmacy or chemist shop. Also, there are online shops which sell the supplements. Buying online might cost more depending on your geographical location. The extra cost will depend on shipping requirements. Some companies might offer free shipping.The average costs of the supplements varies depending on the product and its size.